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  1. Thank you for the timely response Martin, I really do appreciate it! First of all let me follow this up by saying that we are planning on using the ESMC for managing multiple customers' infrastructures (as in each customer gets its own server and MDM). I've been reading the online documentation and it seems we can solve a lot of problems using the ESMC, the most important of which are security and secure rollout of programs and installed software and hardware on each device. We've been testing you product thoroughly and I can say that the success rate of the rollouts is way better than say, using a Group Policy (we have a lot of Win 2008 Servers). Now if I could somehow manage to achieve the latter, all of our customers would be using ESET starting next week With that being said, I definitely took a look at the ServerApi, but couldn't manage to get it to work (I'm a system administrator - definitely not a C guru, but I do a lot with python). Apparently it's possible to query the ServerApi using "ctypes" in python, but I couldn't manage to get it to work. Would you happen to have some example python snippets? Querying the ServerApi would be the preferred way of doing this - from a security perspective as well (no data saved to disk), so I really hope we manage to find a way. Alternatively I could hack something together to parse and then delete the .csv files. In that case I'd really appreciate some "pointing to the right direction" on how to export such data into a csv. This is my first time using the ESMC so please point out to me if I'm missing something obvious here. I did my best to read the online documentation though. Thanks again for your reply Martin, I'm looking forward to hearing back from you! Best regards, John
  2. Is it possible to query the hardware information data displayed in the ESMC? (see image below) I made a database dump and tried to grep the data, but apparently most of it is stored as binary blobs! Anyway I'd really appreciate it if someone would show me a way to query the data programmatically.
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