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  1. Hello everyone, my question is the following: Are Eset antivirus products for windows are also able to detect virus for Linux distros?(Like Ubuntu and Android)
  2. Does the antivirus function works on Mobile Security Free in the same way as it does on premium(Like real-time protection and such)?
  3. These days I picked up an abandoned smartphone with a very old google account, unfortunately I didn't knew the password anymore, so I had to use a program named Test DPC to remove the Google account from the smartphone. My question is the following: If there was any virus on the phone before I used the program, hard reseting the smartphone will solve it? And where does Google keeps the information about the account, so it does know if there was an account before a hard reset?(Tried that before the Test DPC program).
  4. Thanks for all the replies, it was really just about windows logon that I was asking about. However knowing about all this sure was interesting.
  5. In other words, it can scan password protected devices if they're not encripted? I'm using Windows 10.
  6. Is eset sysrescue able to scan password protected windows devices?
  7. If i map the phone with this program, will I be able to?
  8. Is it possible to scan an android smartphone on windows using eset nod32?
  9. I recently used sysrescue on a friend's computer, but the update of virus signature database is really slow only downloading kilobytes , his internet speed is about 20~30 megabytes. Is there are any reason why is so slow?
  10. is it possible for a android smartphone to get virus on bluetooth while seeing other devices? For example, when it see a infected phone on the bluetooth devices list?
  11. But if it is just for checking, would the process be worth it? Also, would the different architectures(32bit, 64bit) be a problem?
  12. I have an Ubuntu 14.04(32bit) OS. If I use nod32(that also would be 32bit) on it to scan a Windows 7(64bit) hard drive would the scan be effective despite the different archteture?
  13. Is it dangerous to burn the cd on a computer suspected of having virus?
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