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  1. Yes, if EEI does not allow the user to specify disable when importing exclusions, then I also think that approach you are presenting is the best one. For the time being, I would like to use this way to import and use exclusions. Thank you.
  2. Hello Marcos, Thank you for the answer. Yes, I want to import a lot of exclusions. This is because I want to import the common exclusions that will be the basic part, and then customize and enable only the items I need. (considering the same approach as in v1.6) In this case, I was concerned that if the exclusions were enabled out of the blue, it would cause an unexpected loss of security, so I asked if there was such a parameter in the XML rule.
  3. Hello, I want to import exclusion rules, but I don't want all them to be enabled. Checking the XML rules, I can't find any parameters that would enable/disable the exclusion rules, and they are all enabled upon import. Could you tell me if there is an option to disable the exclusion rules on import? Thank you.
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