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  1. Thanks itman, very useful information as usual. Due to a couple other quirks I’m just going to try a clean install of 2004 to expedite things.
  2. So I was trying to beat the initial scan, which has already loaded the exclusions while the first update is happening. If I cancel the scan I have time to enter the whole file path before the scan starts. I did notice this as well, I cannot uninstall the HEIF Extension app anymore. That was my next course of action. I will see what the case is, as it is strange. So I cancelled the initial scan, added the path by hand, and then started a new scan. It seems to take the exclusion and is running fine. I had added the HEIF Image Extension app a long time ago in 1909, but I don't think I had ESET installed at the time. That app data folder in 2004 is mostly empty now.
  3. Unfortunately since it’s for a windows app I can’t get access past the windows app folder for the file path. I’d rather not bypass the whole folder. Edit: I attempted to exclude the whole folder for the initial scan. Despite excluding it the Windows Apps folder this file is causing a crash.
  4. Thank you for the idea, I’ll give it a shot and see what happens.
  5. I just tried to install ESET IS after updating to W10 2004. The initial scan started as usual, but keeps getting stuck when scanning Microsoft.HEIFImageExtension_1.0.31072.0_x64_8wekyb3d8bbwe\x86\maheif_store.dll (there may be a typo in there, possibly msheif instead of maheif). Eventually the CPU usage and disk access drop to 0% and the system freezes. Attempting a restart or shutdown also results in a freeze. I can't seem to get past scanning this one item. I attempted 2 installs, both ended with this result.
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