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  1. Good to know, thanks - I have one question, it wasn't answered by the links you included (thanks for those too). Do you know if detection in 19086 ID's that first-stage downloader, or only other follow-on stages (or both, could be both). Thanks very much for the fast response too.
  2. Synopsis: for Asus ShadowHammer, how long will Eset likely take to assess, issue detection tools, issue removal tools and/or instructions like, system re-image needed? Storyline: well this bites...bought a fairly high flying Asus laptop in December to replace a quite aged machine, and leisurely set it up with my highly customized setup...installed Eset Internet Security....today's security headlines show a high chance my Asus is contaminated via the supply-side hack to Asus's system update servers. How long does Eset usually take to issue detection & advice or tools to correct these kind of mass problems? At the moment that new laptop is a thousand dollar piece of junk, no way I'm using it for anything important involving logins into financial accounts, doing my taxes, running any kind of business, etc... Pretty much the biggest reasons for my buying a new laptop in the first place. Please anyone reading this, don't be tiresome with commenting this attack is likely not "activated" on my machine...for me compromised is compromised, which in my book means until & unless verifiably clean of infection & back-doors, it's unusable...estimated are upwards of a million machines received this "update" & if I'm one, I need it verifiably absent from the machine, or I'll be moving on from it.
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