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  1. haha, you're definitely repeating what's already been said and you need some ESL classes if that's what you think the CAPTCHA is the issue 🙂 keep trolling though, really shows how smart you are
  2. yes, this has all been established in the earlier posts, thanks for repeating it.
  3. same here. weird how it temporarily solved itself the first time for me, though. almost as if the process was hiding from me or something when I caught it running in Task Manager.
  4. guess I'll leave that site alone then. thanks for your replies and advice, appreciate it.
  5. never thought it did, I know what CAPTCHA is. my issue is with the page revealed after completing the CAPTCHA.
  6. installed ESET Internet Security 2 months ago, always automatically installed the latest updates (so most likely 12.1.30 installed before 12.1.31), and didn't have this problem until a few days ago. thought it was a "Display Notification/Alert" issue so I turned those off for a bit but I still had this problem. what's odd is that after reading Marcos' post I went into Task Manager > Details tab, saw egui.exe was running and then it spontaneously ended and removed itself from Task Manager and I haven't had this popping up problem since.
  7. my bad, I meant this screen keeps popping up every few minutes even though I'm not running any scans:
  8. sorry for that, these URL shortening sites are riddled with those since that's how they make money apparently. uBlock Origin takes care of 99% of the ads if you have it installed. but the problem is after entering the CAPTCHA I get the "HTML/ScrInject.B trojan blocked" screen. I need to get through this blocked screen and I'm wondering if there actually is a trojan on this page or if it's a false positive and I can pause NOD32 protection with uBlock Origin still doing work.
  9. URL shortener site in question: https://tokenfly.pw/medhQB 1st part of site with an "enter the words" CAPTCHA is fine according to NOD32, but after entering the CAPTCHA and the page refreshes (the URL is exactly the same) NOD32 blocks it. anybody have a virtual machine or a sandbox to determine if there's a false positive in the 2nd part of the site or if it's safe to go through anyway? thanks in advance.
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