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  1. I take that back. The reinstall via the repair function rolled me back to the prior version, which is what brought me back to normal performance.
  2. I did a reinstall via the repair function and performance seems back to normal now.
  3. After installing the, I've been having major performance issues with some applications. It's made one graphics application completely useless due to it causing the application to slow down to freezing stutters during some operations that require real-time visual feedback. Initially I thought it was a windows update but narrowed the issue down to ESET. Turning off real-time protection returned performance to normal. I only started having this issue after the upgrade. I want to roll back to the previous version I had. Is there an ESET archive of older versions? And are there logs somewhere to show what version I was using last? The GUI's event log doesn't go far back enough to the last version update I applied. Edit: I found the KB2885 page, but it's missing a lot of versions.
  4. Is this a recent thing? I noticed performance issues with the latest version released last week.
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