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  1. Thanks I intend to move to eset when McAfee trial ends also because I use both Win10 and Ubuntu. Is there a product line for both os? Bios flash I did many times, foremost with my old pc before trashing it. So I'm fed up with Asus and will ask for a refund and buy a similar Motherboard maybe msi etc. Thanks itman for the link. Last question, should I return today also the RAM memory and Nvidia graphics or is this paranoid? Thanks again
  2. im not paranoid I'm simply running out of ideas after resending to asus warranty twice the Motherboard.
  3. I don't have any network Cards only a ASUS ROG Strix Z390-F Gaming Motherboard but I'll return also my Nvidia graphics Card and the ddr4 memory modules as I suspect the memory to be corrupted by the virus. Hopefully that should fix it finally, or could I miss something else?
  4. Thanks but for not messing up also my harddisk I have not connected any hd. Tried the online scanner but seems not to scan uefi bios but am sure to have such a bios trojan on my pc. Why? Because I don't have any hd connected but get Errors even virus found with hiren's boot cd. on ubuntu i get 2 files in ~.gnupg which is not normal but used to encrypted download of trojan later on. anything else to do but to return the asus motherboard? already did that twice. Where else could be the Problem?
  5. So how to do that? On my new laptop I have win10 but with mcaffee trial.
  6. Hi tried SysRescue live cd, clicked boot but am unshure if it checked the Uefi bios for rootkits. How to scan the UEFI Bios? Thanks
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