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  1. We have been using this product for 10 years and renewals have never been an issue. I would appreciate if someone could reach out to me and assist me.
  2. Public license is 33C-HEP-9XJ i don;t see anything in common with the machines that are failing. Even stand alone clients are having problems.
  3. I just renewed my license for a year and many of my clients are showing product not activated. To make matters worse, the clients that are activated are showing a mix of old and new license information. Some show they expire next month and others show the correct expiry a year from now. Product activation fails entering the key manually on the client fails as well. I was able to remotely uninstall the Eset AV software using ERA on one client and then remotely push it out and on that particular client the activation still failed, however I was able to activate it by entering the key manually in to the client. I have tried several others and the uninstall fails so can't even go that route. What is causing all of this headached? Years past I just renewed the license and all clients switched to the new date automatically. The key information is always the same. Please help.
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