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  1. I think I found the problem. I found a problematic RAM module which has been replaced. There has been no problems since then.
  2. Hello Marcos. I've PM'd you the ticket number and my email address.
  3. Run both tools. Kaspersky found nothing. ESET done its thing and found no rogue. I did email them but I've had no response. I emailed when I created this thread.
  4. This is still happening. I've not got a response from ESET Support neither. Whats going on ?
  5. Hello. Just an update. Everytime the error appears I click on update then update now and the program updates then the error disappears. Please can ESET fix this.
  6. Hello. Theres been a development today... The same thing has happened BUT when I click on update manually and it updates the error goes away, maximum protection is back but again after a while the error comes back Thanks Gourcuff
  7. Hello Marcos I just shut down nod32 via your instruction shift+X and yes the message remains there when starting up again via start menu. The error does not occur from the get go every time I start windows, its a real hit and miss sort of thing, it happens whenever it wants to, it has a mind of its own. I can start an on-demand scan, smart scan without being told I cannot. the error message on the main page still remains there though Thanks Gourcuff
  8. bad news the message is back, same as the attached image in the first post. Restarting the computer gets rid of the message, all is running well after a restart but it does come back up after a while
  9. Done. I've set it to start up automatically. No problem so far
  10. Hi Arakasi, I didn't have Background Intelligent Transfer Service on. I have now turned that on and will let you know if it happens again. I didn't uninstall/install the product again. Thanks Gourcuff
  11. Hi. I keep getting this message, see pictures. I have nod32 running on XP. I'm running windows firewall alongside the Anti-Virus. There are no other programs it could conflict with. I have tried Google results, re-installing Nod32 with no joy. Please help
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