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  1. Would we know why its trying to contact those sites..since the exe is from poweriso site? And since its trying to connect to them is the poweriso itself safe? Michael
  2. ok got ones like this: www.tivatuddpnoheni.com goes to ww42.tivatuddpnoheni.com goes to also this site comes up: img.powopibobu3.com which goes to Michael
  3. Thought it might be but want to make sure if its in the program how to remove it..or if it was from eset side to see why it was.. Michael
  4. the site it shows is different ones of this: hxxp://www.tivatuddpnoheni.com Like this: hxxp://www.tivatuddpnoheni.com/ofr/Solululadul/osutils.cis;Blocked by internal IP blacklist;E:\PowerISO\PowerISO7-x64.exe;THE-BREWERY hxxp://www.tivatuddpnoheni.com;Blocked by internal IP blacklist;E:\PowerISO\PowerISO7-x64.exe;THE-BREWERY hxxp://www.tivatuddpnoheni.com/ofr/Solululadul/icc_v5_8.cis;Blocked by internal IP blacklist;E:\PowerISO\PowerISO7-x64.exe;THE-BREWERY looks like its in a blacklist list of sites in the program? Michael
  5. working on finding the logs..since not sure where they are.. Michael
  6. not sure on that..just know that before it was installed it was not blocking sites..but after installed it..it starts popping up that its blocking sites.. Michael
  7. Installed power iso and since did eset is popping up blocking websites that power iso is trying to connect to. Eset blocked like 62 sites..and this only started after poweriso was installed. Any idea why? Michael
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