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  1. Thank you for your reply. Could you please elaborate a bit on what you mean by "if needed"? Does that mean that URLs are usually checked offline against the virus databases and then, ONLY if something looks suspicious, are checked online in addition? Or does that mean that all URLs are ALWAYS chekced offline AND online? Thanks again! Raynor
  2. How does ESET's web access protection & antiphishing protection check the URLs the user visits? Is this done online (i.e. all visited URLs are transmitted to one of ESET's servers) or offline (i.e. the URLs are just compared with the offline virus databases). Does it make a difference whether LiveGrid is enabled or not ? Offline comparison would be similar to what Firefox does (it downloads a list of malicious URLs and then compares the URLs you visit with its offline list). Take a look here: hxxp://blog.emsisoft.com/2015/05/10/emsisoft-anti-malware-emsisoft-internet-
  3. I would be interested in an official answer to that as well Thanks in advance!
  4. Yes, I'm not going to change the in-depth scan into a smart scan I was just asking for the sake of knowing the differences Thanks again, raynor
  5. Thank you for your quick reply. It is all becoming clearer now If I understand you correctly, If I enable the "Enable Smart Optimization" option in the "In-Depth-Scan" profile, that would mean that this profile is then practically the same as the "Smart Scan" Profile (i.e. there would be no more difference between the profiles) ?
  6. Wow, I'm quite new and have just bought a license, but it is really refreshing to see that the developers actually care about the usabillity of the product and that they do ask their users. After disappointing experiences with other AV companies with their bloated products, poor user interfaces, and their contempt shown for their users (as in "we do not care about what our users want, just buy our product and STFU") this makes me quite hopeful that I have finally found a vendor different from the others (as in "we do care about our users")
  7. Hi, could anyone kindly explain to me the differences between the different scan types: - "Smart Scan" - "In-depth Scan" - "Custom Scan" If I was to set the ThreadSense parameters to exactly the same values in both the "Smart Scan" and "In-depth Scan" profiles (under Settings-->Computer-->Antivirus and Antispyware--> On-demand computer scan-->ThreatSense engine parameter setup), would there be any difference left between these two scan types? I have read the help on that subject, but unfortunately I'm still somewhat puzzled Thank you in advance and kind r
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