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  1. So I once again decided to restart the system to see if the update would work, and it did this time. So yeah no reinstall was necessary. Good to see.
  2. Yesterday, presumably as NOD32 was updating to the latest version, an error message popped up: "An error occurred during the installation of the edevmon driver." I figured a restart of my system to allow the update to finish would solve the issue, but it didn't. The error still pops up along with a message telling me I should restart my system: I use Windows 8.1 It seems what I ought to do is to uninstall NOD32 and reinstall it, but I just want to make sure if that's the recommended solution.
  3. I'm using the latest version of Nod32 (9.0.318.0) which I recently installed after having used version 8. My computer itself runs Windows 8.1. The program itself seems to work just fine, but I've noticed that booting up takes a bit longer than usual, as does the time it takes "loading" after typing in my username and password to log into my Windows account. Furthermore, of the three attempts I've made to boot up since installing it, one of them ended up with a black screen with my mouse cursor, meaning that I wasn't able to log in or do anything except move the cursor around.
  4. Whenever I go on my forum (also frequented by various other persons) I keep on getting that notification. It seems like a false positive or at least it shouldn't constantly be notifying me every time I go to a different part of the forum (viewing a thread, making a post, looking at my private messages, etc.) Edit: I'm browsing the forum and it doesn't seem to be doing it anymore.
  5. I use the latest version of NOD32 and I'm just wondering if it may be prudent to use SysRescue. I've been on Windows 8.1 since it came out (I upgraded from Windows 8), and I've been using it (along with NOD32 of course) just fine since then. But today I booted up my computer and neither my mouse or my keyboard seem to work, meaning that I can't click on the log in screen to view my account and enter my password in order to actually use my computer. I hadn't installed or uninstalled anything, but I did get a "URL blocked" message from NOD32 while viewing a random website earlier yesterday. I promptly left the site and computer didn't seem affected. After a few more houses of using the computer I turned it off. When I turned it back on a few hours after that... I just described it. I'm wondering if this indicates a possible virus, or it's just an issue with Windows and I should contact them about it. I have had this problem once a long time ago, but it went away with a single reboot, whereas this time even a reboot doesn't fix it. The computer itself boots up as fast as it's always been doing (plus I know the log in screen itself isn't frozen, since the time continues to pass on the lower-left.) Has any virus been known to do anything to the log-in screen, and should I make the effort of using SysRescue? Edit: I entered my BIOS just to check on some things and, upon exiting it without shutting off my PC, my mouse and keyboard worked. I did a NOD32 smart scan and didn't find anything, so my problem is almost certainly a Windows one rather than a virus.
  6. Hello, I was informed that my Nod32 7 could be upgraded to Nod32 8 and I could keep my license. Since I didn't have a very good experience upgrading directly from one version of Nod32 to another in the past (the anti-virus itself works great though and I've been using Nod32 since about 2007), I decided to uninstall Nod32 7 and install Nod32 8. I then entered what I thought was my present username and password (I had it saved on my computer), only I was told it expired last year. Turns out it was my old username and password. Anything I can do to remedy this? I'm quite certain that the license I was using for Nod32 7 is valid until next year, and obviously entering in the old username and password has caused Nod32 to helpfully remind me that my old license is, in fact, old and expired. Edit: I did go the whole "enter your email to receive your username/password" route just now, but I haven't received a reply. Edit #2: Ignore this whole topic, the email came and I got my actual license and Nod32 8 works just fine. If anything the mods can delete this.
  7. I decided to trust ESET's product before reading the replies here, and the result was a success. NOD32 was kept on and nothing happened during the upgrade, with NOD32 having no problems afterwards. So yeah, question answered.
  8. According to: hxxp://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/update-from-windows-8-tutorial Does this hold true for NOD32? I assume regardless that NOD32 will have no problems during the upgrade process. Edit: My version number is 7.0.302.26, if it's relevant.
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