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  1. So I did the reinstall and it didnt work. A buddy of mine had the great idea to try disabling my firewall to see if ESET had messed with it, and it turns out that was it. Thanks yall for the help!
  2. just had a great idea and now Im even more confused, apperently when I ping google from the command prompt it works just fine, but through the browser its not letting me through
  3. I had installed ESET just to do a scan since I had a bug that clamwin and macafee just wasnt catching, yall got it and as such I went to uninstall ESET so I could have more space on my pc since Im running low already and I didnt need it after this anyway. I went to uninstall it, used the tool, but after the restart I went to use chrome and it wouldnt let me in, and the windows troubleshooter says the connection to the router and to google.com is fine, but I cant seem to get out with chrome or edge. Please help, I would appreciate it if we could get this fixed quickly.
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