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  1. Thank you for your answers, I googled (ironic) best privacy browsers/extensions/engines and found another article where DuckDuckGo is recommended, so switched to that engine for the time being. Installed HTTPS Everywhere extension for Firefox as well that forces encryption on HTTP pages.
  2. Hello, I need some help choosing the best search engine for privacy. I've been using Google but read a blog post that explains how data is gathered by Google and for what purpose. It also has a long list of alternative search engines, DuckDuckGo and Qwant are listed as privacy friendly, what would be your personal recommendations? I mostly search for news related to cyber security and game development, but mainly I want a search engine that would not gather any logs about my browsing activity. Thank you! (I'm using Firefox if that's in any way related)
  3. Hello, I come from studies in political science to something...a bit more relevant to the job market. Currently I'm researching cyber security since I see myself starting a career in this field. I'm sure I will be able to learn a lot here
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