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  1. Managed to get the uninstalled to run in safe mode. As far as I can tell it has removed all traces of nod32 performance is back to normal no waiting for loading and boot time is back to 7 sec. Not sure why there was an issue but it was most definitely caused by this anti virus being installed as it's fine now back to normal. Has there been any updates recently that could cause stability issues to fresh installs? I use ssd drives
  2. Trying to uninstall in safe mode I get.. The windows installer service is not accessible in safe mode, please try again when your computer is not in safe mode or you can use system restore to return your machine to a previous good state.
  3. Managed to get into msconfig and set it to run on safe mode as when I pressed f8 I get the asus uffi or effi pages
  4. Nope just crashed when I got into the options black screen had to restart
  5. Cancel that I have the GUI open and am into the options for hips.
  6. I can't do anything. Nothing is working without freezing or not responding. How do I boot windows 8 to safe mode I can't even get a browser open to download that uninstalled you linked me to.
  7. Going to post a YouTube video for you to see for yourself..
  8. Looks like I can't even get any browsers open without issues so can't download that uninstaller, it's like being on windows 95 now certainly not the same power as before with 3.1ghz processed and 12gb ram. It's running super slow now and I can't click on anything without it crashing...
  9. Thanks I had windows 8 and updates to windows 8.1 I only download the antivirus less than 1 hr ago. After it installed the computer started lagging severely so I attempted an uninstall. To which I was met with the message I needed admin privileges, The computer is only 3 months old and worked fantastic up until the install of nod32 the boot times are seriously increased from 7 sec to over 30 now' the performers is seriously effected also if I click on something now I am waiting over a min some times before it opens or I get a not responding issue which I never had before installing. I will attempt your method and post how I get on but I do feel there must be an issue somewhere as there was no problems before instlal
  10. Today I installed set nod32 antivirus version 7.0.302.26 After installing my windows 8.1 machine started freezing. Not responding, and failing to open any programs ends up on black screen all the time. I managed to try uninstall but around 85% through it popped up saying I did not have admin privileges to remove? Which is strange as my account is the only one on this machine.. Now the machine crashes constantly I can't open anything and am the performance is terrible previously boot time was 7 sec dead.. It now takes over 35 sec to boot up!!! How can I remove this program and fix my PC..
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