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  1. Thanks! Let's hope this works out. I also expect to receive a free grace period in addition to my purchase due to what I've had to deal with.
  2. I'm from the U.S.A., Long Island, New York. What/how ESET office should I contact?
  3. The only way I'm staying with ESET is if a free renewal of at least 60 days is expressed to me. I'll be damned if I'm going to continue to support a company that is so neglectful. Arakasi: Create a new email address. Place a NEW order. Scrap trying to renew, just make a new purchase. Principally, there's something seriously wrong here... Oh, by the way, I think I was actually unable to place a "NEW order". That's why I said, in my first post, "I tried to make a virgin purchase..." I think my personal details such as my name set off a red flag. So in order to effectively put this wo
  4. Well, even after the above moderator looked into this, I still haven't heard from ESET in regard to their absolute necessity of using one's original email address to renew his subscription (save for alerting them of one's new address, which is what this incident is). So, I think the most logical choice for me is to switch to Kaspersky, because clearly ESET doesn't want me to renew my subscription. This incident can go down in the hall of shame of businesses.
  5. I've sent them 3 emails already (one using a different email address than the first two attempts) and I still haven't heard from them. When renewing, it seems like ESET requires a person to use the email address they used when they bought their original license. I tried to make a virgin purchase and I received some kind of error message. Which actually wasn't about the issue of using one's old account, but some ridiculous message about trade restrictions in my country (USA) or something. I tried again and I got the same message. Confused, I checked to see if anything was amiss and noticed
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