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    Manfred Larcher received kudos from avielc in ESET Agent fails to install - Ubuntu 22.04 | not valid PFX   
    installing the agent is possible - with the following workaround!

    download from ubuntu 20.04 the following files:
    and install them with
    after a successful install you can download and install the agent on ubuntu 22.04!
    it is a pity that eset takes so much time here, the ubuntu 22.04 version is "only" final since april 2022 but they could have started with the development a little earlier. beta versions have been available for much longer and the change to openssl 3 has been announced for much longer! openssl has already released version 3 in september 2021.
    unfortunately, eset is neglecting its linux customers more and more, after gateway and mail security have been cancelled without replacement and without comment...
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    Manfred Larcher gave kudos to janik.m in EFSL ICAP configuration - SQUID   
    I try to check the ICAP function but I can't find any documentation about the configuration of ICAP in EFSL. I install squid proxy server, configure the connection to ICAP:
    icap_enable on icap_service service_req reqmod_precache bypass=1 icap:// adaptation_access service_req allow all icap_service service_resp respmod_precache bypass=0 icap:// adaptation_access service_resp allow all But I get an error when I try to open any website:
    Squid is connected to ICAP:

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    Manfred Larcher gave kudos to janik.m in EFSL ICAP configuration - SQUID   
    It works for local files:

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