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  1. After the most recent ESET Internet Security update, I started receiving a popup and warning stating "The ESET LiveGrid servers cannot be reached. This could be due to an outage or a problem with your network connection. Allow access to ESET LiveGrid servers on firewall." I did the test at this help page, ESET detected the file. After a period of time, the LiveGrid message would go away. Eventually it comes back. This happen earlier this year after update but resolved itself. Is this a known issue with this update?
  2. Sorry for not posting back, I haven't had many popups within the past week. I assumed it was related to the various links posted earlier regarding rejected certificates in Chrome. If I receive anymore popup warnings regarding certificates, Ill post them.
  3. I just started getting notifications from ESET Internet Security about a week ago regarding untrusted certifcates in Google Chrome. Its happening on many of the pages I frequent, Slickdeals and Facebook to name a few. Has something changed in a latest update?
  4. I was browsing ESET website and I noticed that Smart Security is no longer a product and is being replaced by Internet Security. The Internet Security webpage states you can upgrade for free. I have a couple of questions. 1. I recently purchased a 3 pack of licenses from Newegg for Smart Security. My current license expires early Feb. If I activate the new license now, will it extend my current license or should I wait until my current license expires? 2. Since the upgrade to Internet Security is free, will this Smart Security license still be valid? 3. Do I need to uninstall Smart Security first before installing Internet Security OR will the install take care of this and transfer my license?
  5. Self-defense setting is in the HIPS section. Thanks. After following the instructions in post #8, this did not solve my problem. With Self-Defense disabled however, I was able to do the steps in post #13 successfully. Any ideas why this issue happens? I have a 3 pack license and (2) desktops installed fine but my laptop did not.
  6. I am having this issue with my laptop (my desktop works fine) using ESET Smart Security 2016. I first tried to reinstall ESET, that didnt help. I then found this thread. I was able to install the INF file from post #8, but I wasnt able to enable ESET via the network adapter. 1. Post #8 states "temporarily disable Self-defense and restart the computer" What is Self-Defense? I do not see any such option via ESET Smart Security. 2. Any ideas why I am getting the access denied message when trying to enable ESET via the network adapter?
  7. Some of the info on the log is personal, I would rather not post it publicly. Can I PM you or someone else?
  8. Hello. I was out of town. I tried out your suggestion and indeed some of my LAN IP addresses are showing up in the log, including the specific one I am trying to connect to. I have several devices on my home LAN, 6 to be exact. I want all of these to be able to access my desktop computer. What baffles me is that I never had this problem until installing ESET SS. ESET should be smart enough to know that my home LAN IP addresses are "safe" and in my trusted zone. Maybe something didnt get configured right when I installed? How can I resolve this? Thank you.
  9. I chose "Home" when that screen popped up. Here is what I have under Rules & Zones. Zone setup Name: Trusted Zone Remote computer address setup Address: Subnet: IPv6 address:: 1 IPv6 subnet: fe80::/ 64
  10. I have a couple of services running on my desktop computer, which I can access via the web browser on my local network. With the firewall enabled, I am not able to access the web interface from my other computers on the network. I know I can use "Interactive mode" but I dont want to have to set every rule. I never had this issue with the Windows Firewall. How can I add my local network computers to my "Trusted Zone" so they can access everything?
  11. I bought a 3 packs of Smart Security. On another forum, some users posted that they would use the 3 pack on a single computer for the next 3 years. When I activated my laptop with the activation code, I received an email with a user/pass. The email also stated the license expires 1/3/2015. Does this mean that all (3) licenses expire on 1/3/2015?
  12. After the first scan, I did a "Quick Scan". This took a little over an hour. I noticed the quick scan also scanned my other drive (E:). By default, is there a scheduled time when these scans take place?
  13. Thanks for the detailed response. As stated in my first post, I was using MS Security Essentials. After reading several reports of it becoming weak AV, I decided to come back to ESET.
  14. I just installed Smart Security 7, previously I was running Windows Security Essentials. The "First Scan" has been running for over 1-1/2 hours. For the past 30 min, its been on 97-99%. Is this "normal"? Will every scan take this long? I havent used ESET in about 6 years, I remember it being a fast, lightweight AV.
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