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  1. Brianlogic

    invalid https certificate

    Does this mean you cannot use the ESET certificates created and MUST use a custom HTTPS certificate from an outside source? As stated is does not work with the certificate created by ESET with the advanced security checked also.
  2. Brianlogic

    invalid https certificate

    Have been using ESET mobile connector for our mobile devices for about a year. Up to this point they have all been Android. No problems. Company now wants to enroll brand new iPhones they just bought. Set all policies, got apple cert, serial numbers are on the DEP site, ESET server connects to DEP. I added our GoDaddy certificate purchased Dec. 2017 expires Dec. 2019, which is RSA256, added it as a custom certificate for these devices to use. However, ESET mobile connector policy says it is invalid per the yellow alert notification on my ESET server. When I go to website along with the port I still get the old certificate obviously. What is wrong with my third party certificate? It is installed on my server with the intermediaries also. Certificate chain is also there. ESET clearly states can use a third party certificate but is there anything else I can look at to see why it does not like my certificate? BTW.... using only ESET certs does not fix the issue. With ESET certs I get error in trace logs saying: [12096] Uncaught exception: NodSslException, NodSSL error occurred in completeHandshake.RecvEncryptedData (Handshake failed to complete). Local: [::ffff:]:9980 Peer: [::ffff:]:32107 ESET Security Management Server 7.0.577.0 ESET Security Management Center Mobile Device Connector 7.0.406.0