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  1. Solution seems to be to force enable the email client integration from within the client's EA policy. Even if it looks to be enabled, unless it's forced it doesn't look to clear the error.
  2. Thanks Marcos, I'll raise a support request. We haven't specifically disabled advanced heuristics, that client is running with the default policies.
  3. Logs attached. If it's not an obvious issue and needs a support case raised, just let me know. eea_logs.zip
  4. Thanks Marcos - just trying to arrange a remote session on one of the affected machines, will post the logs here once gathered.
  5. We have this alert showing on multiple devices across many different clients and (I think) with only ESET EA 7. Repairing the ESET installation on the device doesn't seem to resolve, nor does a full safe mode uninstall using the tool and re-installing with a freshly downloaded 7.0.2100.4 exe. There is another topic relating to disabling the notifications for this issue, but how do we actually resolve the issue? There doesn't seem to be a KB article, and web searches just lead to the other topic.
  6. @Marcos Has there been any update since December re: this issue? We're still experiencing this with a number of server managed by ESMC 7 that don't have any email clients installed. Configuration module is v1663.15 (20181129) so I'm not sure if that is the most recent verson mentioned in your previous post?
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