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  1. Thank you! Thats a lot of good info. Yes, Earthlink is my ISP. Question - How did you trace the IP's? I guess the next step would be to contact Netgear and my ISP to dive deeper into this. The internet cuts out every now and then and sometimes shuts off completely to where i need to reset the modem/router to get it back online.
  2. Here is an upload of the log. I filtered to only show DoS attacks. Let me know if I should upload the full log. https://textuploader.com/1aeji
  3. Please see the attached screenshot. IP address: How do I get the ESET network log?
  4. Will do. Also, the issue came back so the firmware update did not fix it. I've had ESET since getting this router and never had the issue. The router also has acted up a couple times the past week or two where the computers do not have internet access. I just wonder if this has to do with the issue.
  5. Thanks - I did notice that I could make an exception, but it has never occurred before, so I wanted to figure it out and see what is actually going on. I did just update my router to the newest firmware. I noticed when I logged in there was an update. I have been good about logging on every now and then and updating. Since the newest update, I dont think I have seen the TCP SYN message again. I will continue to monitor over the next few days. @itman - just to confirm, do I want to actually disable port scan and dos protection? Currently my settings are as follows:
  6. Hello, ESET Smart Security keeps warning me of a TCP SYN Flood Attack for the past couple months. When I view more information, the IP address is (my router IP). My router is a Netgear Nighthawk AC1750 (R6700v2) if that helps. Any ideas on what can be causing this? Thanks!
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