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  1. the Eset online scanner has installed some files in my users/AppData folder. Should I delete all the files or should I use some uninstaller?
  2. Hello! Today I tried the ESET Online Scanner to scan my Laptop. Although scan went well however, now I am unable to uninstall the scanner. I need to uninstall the scaner because it is occupying space on my SSD drive that is already almost full. Kindly guide how to uninstall to free space on my drive.
  3. Thanks. I am not getting any option to request trial license. All I get is invalid username / password.
  4. I think I missed selecting the activate trial option and uninstalled and reinstalled the antivirus. I did then get the activate trial option and I entered my contact information. It appears that my re-installation is being treated as second request for trial?
  5. Initially the Website for Silicon Technologies (Eset's technical partner for Pakistan) was not opening and showing some weird wordpress page. Now I have been able to access the page. However, I am still interested in online purchase. Regards
  6. Hello! I downloaded and installed Eset Nod32 antivirus for Linux. I inadvertently entered my preferred username & password for activating the trial. Now, I am unable to update the virus database because I consistently get an error window informing me of invalid username / password. Please guide how I can enable trial? In addition, I desire to buy the antivirus online. However, whenever I click buy, I am directed to a page showing the address of your distributor for Pakistan. Unfortunately, the given web address doesn't appear to be genuine. So kindly advise how to buy online instead?
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