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  1. Thanks for suggestion, tomazyk. That seems to work for the third thing, however I never had to change that setting in ESS 6. Arakasi questions: I have set firewall to Interactive in installer's advanced mode and I havent changed it. (Actually once after seeing the above bugs I changed it to Automatic then back to Interactive but it didn't help) I haven't considered wiping and reinstalling ESS because I saw other people on this forum with the same problems (and also for the pita of uninstalling), should I give it a try?
  2. Hi ESET guys and everybody. ESS 7 has introduced 2 bugs and a "change" that even though as an average user are not very painful to me, they're still very annoying. I'm wondering if an update is coming or should I revert to ESS6 for the moment? Let me say that I've configured the Firewall to Interactive mode upon installation. First bug (also mentioned HERE ) is the "empty popup window" that I think belongs to the firewall module. However recently it doesn't appear anymore, which i think is because of the 2nd bug: Second bug (almost explained HERE ): I'm not seeing the interactive firewall messages anymore; and it's not just in games. Few days after installation firewall asked me and I allowed web browser and other common programs to communicate, but now all programs are simply blocked and ESET firewall doesn't ask for action. I'm manually adding rules for now. Third "bug" is, in ESS 6 and before I never got Windows UAC confirmation messages, but in ESS 7 whenever I want to turn off the Firewall or Antivirus, or press the Advanced Setup dialog's OK button, as well as some other actions, a UAC prompt pops up asking me if I want to let a program called "ESET Elevated Client" make changes to my computer. Best Regards.
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