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  1. I recently started a roll out of new PC's for the office and I decided to use a new version of the eset client for the server. I got everything setup and it all looked good. As a started with my deployment I noticed none of the new PC's would show up in the console but one. One of the first PC's I deployed is showing up and none of the other computers I am deploying are. Any computer that is not using my image shows up normally as its own computer though.

    As I started getting security notifications I noticed in the path given was on a bunch of different machines in varying people's user folders. All of the computers are reporting as the same one. I have tried re-installing with no luck. C:/ProgramData/ESET/RemoteAdministrator/Agent/EraAgentApplicationData/Logs/status.html shows green for every category. DNS is working fine and I am able to resolve all the computers correctly from my computer or the server eset is running on.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advanced

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