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  1. even on this version 6.5.532.0, the firewall seems to be the issue that is hanging MAc OS Sierra . i kept seeing the ball spinning and the moment i disable the firewall . everything was working fine.
  2. Recently i installed CS pro every cool bootup of my mac OS Sierra , the machine will be very slow and the internet will not work at all until a hard reboot then the system comes up normal . please help
  3. here is the crash logs Anonymous UUID: 597B5634-D743-A5ED-10C9-32D1331DC2F1 Mon Dec 30 20:49:47 2013 panic(cpu 7 caller 0xffffff800ec36a26): "thread_invoke: preemption_level 1, possible cause: blocking while holding a spinlock, or within interrupt context"@/SourceCache/xnu/xnu-2422.1.72/osfmk/kern/sched_prim.c:2231 Backtrace (CPU 7), Frame : Return Address 0xffffff80ffa7ba20 : 0xffffff800ec22f69 0xffffff80ffa7baa0 : 0xffffff800ec36a26 0xffffff80ffa7bb30 : 0xffffff800ec35d4c 0xffffff80ffa7bb70 : 0xffffff800ecd5a00 0xffffff80ffa7bbc0 : 0xffffff800ecd0d9d 0xffffff80ffa7b
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