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  1. The only GUI change I was hoping for was an "Update" button/link on the right click menu of the tray icon. As for more features, I for one do not want the kitchen sink in the NOD32 product. IMO, kitchen sinks belong in suite type products (which I avoid).
  2. New Version 7.0.302.26 Installation on WIn 7 SP 1 Home Premuim 64-bit When I turn protection back on, Anti-Phishing doesn't turn back on. It's checked in the Advanced Setup but still shows as Disabled on the Setup screen. Is this a bug anyone has??
  3. Just looking for some clarification... I checked my new version 7 install and verified that indeed, advanced heuristics on file execution are enabled by default. I assume that the algorithms used for these choices (beginging with version 6) were greatly improved over version 5? I remember from the old NOD32 forum this being a big, sticky issue back then. Advanced heuristics on file execution were definitely not on by default back then. (Based on this thread, sounds like it's now an important thing to leave on!) BTW, the help file bundled with version 7 explicitly says that advanced heuristics on file execution are disabled by default. You might wish to correct it...
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