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  1. Hi! I'm wondering if there's an option to Not get the update notifications for a new version of NOD32 smart internet security? I will update this, but have had issues with this in the history and therefor want to wait. The notification however keeps popping up every time I start my computer. Is it possible? I've opted out on the "In-product Messaging", under "Alerts & Notifications" (user interface). Thanks for any help! Best regards/ Christoffer
  2. Thank you Marcos! I originally had a thought that it might have been a specific internet app which behaved differently than the others. It seems to have been the case! I deleted all the saved adresses in this particular app - though they still exist in another app - and now the back-up went as smooth as possible! Thank you! You have saved me from tons of work! Best regards/
  3. Hi! Thanks both for your replies! Marcos: The html-file sounded familiar - I tried to look into the file last time but I had a hard time finding the files themselves on the iphone, but instead noticed some in the backup on my computer. Is there a specific path on the log, where I can find the content of which is affecting this, for the iPhone itself? I’m running a pc, so I cannot look into the iOS itself straight up. Thanks! Best regards! /
  4. Hi ESET, Recently I have been having an issue where a warning of "Adware.Agent.AA application" pops up every time I try to synchronize and/or create a backup for my iPhone. It cleans the file every single time. The issue remains though and keeps stopping me from finishing the backup - leaving me to pause the entire protection and disconnect from the internet to be able to backup. This is unsustainable. Can anyone help me with this? I would love some support on this topic. I have talked to Apple and they have referred me to you. Hope you can help me! Best rega
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