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    Welcome to the ESET Security Forum!  We are a widely diverse community of people and we’ve created this thread to allow you to introduce yourself to us and learn a little about who we are.
    Please feel free to write a short post about you and also answer the questions below. When you’re done reading through this thread, check out our dedicated FAQ section and Help Files.
    How did you find the ESET Security Forum?
    What OS are you running?
    What AV are you running?
    What’s an interesting fact about you?
    I'll start out. Hey everyone! I'm DWomack and I've been with ESET since 2009. I started out working in Customer Care-Home Support and last July became the first (and so far only) Online Community Specialist at ESET North America. I was part of the awesome team that helped create the forums and I'm excited about helping all our users and prospective users here and one all our social networks.
    At home I have two main laptop I use running Win7 on one and Win8 on the other. I have ESS v6 running on the Win8 and I'm testing EAV v7 Beta on Win7.
    Interesting fact, I am an out-of-practice musician (multiple instruments but mostly trumpet and guitar) and singer. I'm out of practice only in that I haven't picked up the trumpet in about 8 years and I don't pick up the guitar as much as I'd like to. Music is my soul and I'm hoping to get back into school studying music and performing again at some point.
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