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  1. Hello again, after server reboot is it ok. I apologize for the false alarm. Jirka
  2. Hello, today I upgraded the ESMC to the latest version and started updating Agents. Everything went well, unfortunately, on the dashboard updated agents are reporting unknow status. But in the list of computers normally communicate, I can do restart etc. Thanks for advice. Jirka L.
  3. Hi Marcos, do you mean with our dealer or should I set up a ticket on support portal? Jirka
  4. Good day, we need to solve the problem of accidentally disconnecting mobile client from the ESMC. Let me describe what is happening: 1) register a new phone via email 2) the device is properly registered and activated 3) Install with Endpoint, project policies, everything works However, after some time, the phone stops connecting to the ESMC server. I found that just opening the Endpoint on the phone and the connection is reestablished and it works for a while (it's random). We run the server on an internal address and we have foorwarding these ports: TCP/9980, TCP/9981, T
  5. Hi Michael, the task worked perfectly. I'll call your support tomorrow to resolve the second issue. Thank you once again. Jirka
  6. Hi, I have two questions: 1) we have installed ESMC server on Win2019 Std. We manage about 300PC in different network subnets. We would need to disable the Rogue service on the ESMC server because it is constantly finding devices (printers, scanners, etc.) that we don't need to display as "Found Devices" in Dashbord. Is this setting possible? I tried to apply Rogue policy, I entered a range in the address filter in which the ESMC server ( is as excluded, I assigned it to the server where ESMC is installed, but without result. 2) when I try to map a security group
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