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  1. Re the stickied topic about Windows XP and conflicting software, I see Malwarebytes Pro is on the list. Is this issue going to be fixed anytime in the near future? I do have Malwarebytes Pro on a Windows XP laptop, but I have not re-enabled Malwarebytes' real time protection since installing ESS. (I'm kind of afraid to now, to be honest.) I've run a few on demand quick scans with Malwarebytes and have not had any issues with that. I have not set any exclusions in either program related to each other. I also have Malwarebytes free installed on my Windows 8 laptop, with ESS. On demand
  2. HIPS had been logging blocks and allowing and partial blocks, and then it stopped after about a week. The logging, that is, and since I hadn't disabled logging, I had wondered if HIPS wasn't working. On July 3, I installed Malwarebytes free version and updated some backup software. The HIPS logging started again. I don't know if those installations had anything to do with that, or if it was just a coincidence. Anyway, it is now logging what is allowed, what is blocked, and what is partially blocked. We are also seeing the popup windows again from HIPS.
  3. bump Was HIPS in some kind of learning mode? (I didn't set it that way. As I said, I didn't touch HIPS settings at all.)
  4. https://www.securityweek.com/opera-software-hit-infrastructure-attack-malware-signed-stolen-cert hxxp://my.opera.com/securitygroup/blog/2013/06/26/opera-infrastructure-attack I do have the Opera browser running on my Windows 8 system, along with ESS 6.0.316.0. I may have had the browser open during the limited time frame mentioned. I do manually check the Opera browser for updates, but I see that it had been set to do so automatically. I've only had this browser installed since the beginning of May of this year (new computer), it's version 12.15. https://www.virustotal.com/en/f
  5. I installed ESS 6.0.316 on June 14/13. There were entries in the HIPS log daily starting June 15 through to June 22, and then no entries thereafter. (The system was not powered up for one full day in that time frame, as we were away from home.) I haven't touched any settings related to HIPS (since I'm not even sure what that is). I'm running Windows 8 64 bit. I also have ESS 6.0.316 installed on a Windows XP SP3 system, and there were never any entries in the HIPS log. Is this behavior in my Windows 8 system normal? In the advanced settings, the checks are in the HIPS and the Self defens
  6. Marcos, I understand not being prompted for an action if the ESET is set to autoclean. I just want to see a record of what exactly was cleaned so I know what happened. Do you think the "30 objects" were related to the eicar test page, then? There are 7 lines in the "Detected threats" log under "Tools". If anything else was autocleaned by ESET, say during the startup scan, for example, would there be a record somewhere of what was "cleaned"? That's really what I would like to know--just what were these 30 objects? I had done a full scan and I read the log from that. Nothing was liste
  7. I was just looking over my ESS settings, in the statistics section. I see that in the category of Antivirus and Antispyware protection, the graph shows that 30 objects were "cleaned". I have only set Web protection and the startup scan to automatically clean. (I want to be notified before anything else is cleaned or quarantined.) I did visit the Eicar test site, and ESET shows access blocked and 3 instances of objects being quarantined. There are 3 listings, two of which say there are 3 items and the other has one item in quarantine. Is there any way I can find out what ESET "cleaned"
  8. OK, thanks Marcos. (I don't need to know 'how' the watch is built, just how to use it correctly, so I won't ask for any more technical info on that. I'm just glad to know things are set up properly.) My Windows XP SP3 rig, also running ESS, does have the Windows firewall turned off. I can't remember now if I manually did that when I installed ESS or if ESS did it. I formerly had a very old version of Outpost firewall on this machine, and I had to manually turn off the Windows firewall when I installed it. When I uninstalled Outpost, I did manually turn on the Windows firewall again w
  9. I've been reading this thread: https://forum.eset.com/topic/358-smart-security-firewall-issue-on-windows-8-pro-64/ I checked the Windows firewall advanced settings on my rig, running Windows 8, just out of curiosity. I do, indeed, see that the settings are being managed by ESET. However, it says my Windows firewall is "on". Why would the Windows firewall be "on" if ESET's firewall is running? I thought only one firewall should be running at a time. We're not noticing any problems with this configuration. However, I am curious about this. I'm not new to using 3rd party fi
  10. OK, the netbook has been powered up for a couple of minutes, and hovering over the ESET icon in the systray shows there is a "startup scan in progress". The last time this happened this morning, I stopped it after 10 or 15 minutes, but I'll let it do its thing now and see how long it lasts. Edited to add: OK, now I feel silly. The startup scan did complete in a very short time. When I opened up the user interface, I clicked on Smart Scan to see the progress of the scan, and my doing that started a full scan. I guess I'll leave the startup file check option in the scheduled
  11. Yes, I believe you are correct, Marcos. It looks like this was a scheduled scan I was stopping. I'm going to look into this some more and see if I can figure out the task scheduler. Anything that is in my list of tasks was put in there by ESET, and there's nothing there about a full computer scan, only a startup file check. Yet it looks to me like ESET was about to do a full computer scan. Clicking on the edit button on the tasks does show 'computer scan' as a choice of scheduled tasks. Startup file check is also a separate choice. I've rebooted the netbook with the 'startup fil
  12. Is ESET doing a full scan on startup, or a quick scan? The first scan ESET ran on my Windows 7 laptop, which ESET started without my input after I initially installed it, did take 1 1/2 hours. When I restarted, the scan started up and I didn't let it complete. I'll try re-enabling the startup scan and I'll see how long it does take. I don't recall ever having had security software that does a scan on startup before this.
  13. Description: To not have ESET perform an entire scan of one's computer at each startup set as a default action. Detail: I personally don't want that, it really bogs things down, and on one system the scan takes about 1 1/2 hours. It wasn't easy on my Windows 7 system to stop the scan either. It took several times of clicking the 'x' to make the scan stop. I had to consult the help section to find the settings to disable this feature. Scheduling a full scan according to one's choice would be fine. Or maybe a 'quick scan' of the most common problem areas, like Microsoft Security
  14. Oh, I see there are several places to set the level of cleaning. I guess I hadn't found them all yet. I'm still weighing things out in my mind re the risks/benefits of auto cleaning vs. deciding what action a security software should take. (Honestly, I do have my reasons, having had a few encounters with false positives from other security programs.)
  15. Thanks for the link, Marcos. I did test ESET with it set not to clean. It not only notified me, but it blocked and quarantined when I clicked on the html link and the .zip links. And that's with ESET set to not automatically clean what it finds.
  16. I can get to the index page. However, when I enter a question, after a lengthy period of time attempting, I am eventually led to a page which indicates that "the connection was reset" (Firefox), "This page can't be accessed" (IE 10), "Connection closed by remote server" (Opera), and Google generates a page indicating that the web page is inaccessible. This is happening on 2 different laptops: Windows XP SP3 with ESS 6, and Windows 8 with Norton Internet Security (this came preinstalled, the intention was to remove Norton and install ESET). There are no other problems with any other webpage
  17. I'm getting acquainted with ESET Smart Security 6.0.316.0 on my Windows XP SP3 laptop. I generally don't like an autoclean or autoquarantine feature on security software, just in case of false positives. I have ESS set to not clean if it detects anything wrong. I do want to be notified of detections, however. I would like to see how ESS reacts to an Eicar file. Can one of the moderators here or support staff please post a safe link to a test file for me? Thanks!
  18. I can't help you out with this, Eagle, sorry. I guess I'm just adding my 2 cents worth. I'm new to ESET myself, and I have licenses for 3 computers. Our main system is a Windows 8 Samsung notebook. The other 2 are a Dell netbook running Windows 7 Starter and a Lenovo running Windows XP SP3. The Lenovo will be offline next spring when Microsoft stops supporting XP, or whenever the hardware quits, whichever happens first. I've just installed ESET on the Lenovo today and I'm using it to learn about ESET before I put it on our main computer. I am wondering if there is any way I can kno
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