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  1. maybe a stupid idea: can you try to work around this by blocking cc in Windows firewall ?
  2. Hi just to enable me to further evangelize th people I know: what are the inpacts of Nod 32 AV compared to Smart security on a W10 x64 system ?
  3. I am perfectly aware of this, nevertheless my 5 years old AMD mobo had it from the beginning, Eset might seize this opportunity (W11 requirements) to inform its customers and, why not, supply them with a short explanatory notice, the side benefit would be a even better protection with Eset line of products (just IMO)
  4. I technically can't see any difficulty to develop or (why not) buy and make thrive such a product: the market is there, Eset have the techs it needs and strong customers asset... so why not ? I tried Proton, now using Express VPN.
  5. Hello Still my old suggestion that Eset supplies a VPN companion to ESS.... I'd like not to have to buy and use a 3rd party VPN
  6. Hello ! I hope not to be out of tune with this one that comes following the release of bitdefender VPN @ an aggressive price (2.50 €/month). Do tyou plan or intend to take the same move ? Thank you
  7. thank you Ann, it's preciseley what I've successfully done, sorry for replying so late, was away then
  8. I had a similar problem some time ago, it was apparently caused by Eset having changed traffic rules between my rig and the ISP modem/router, did not happen since on mys wife's laptop (windows 10 x64)
  9. bonjour merci de décrire ce qui s'est passé: durée restante sur la licence, messages d'erreur etc. merci
  10. MS fwall was off, no connection between pc and isp modem-router. I shall give it another try after uninstall of freedome vpn just in case essp would scramble with the tap driver.
  11. thank you Tom feel free to move/remove this if misplaced
  12. Hello where do I access the fwall bug wizard ?
  13. pretty tough to do as requested when the only solution is to reimage the partition
  14. hello and thank you Marcos sorry but disabling fwall does not solve the problem
  15. this is what I experienced both with ESS and ESSP, no connection between my rig and the ISP modem, had to uninstall and stop using Eset, reimage the system partition as cleansing it from Eset remnants (reg included did not suffice) sorry for this as an insider I can't evven report the bugs as I have no connection whatsoever only AV Nod 32 works flawlessly. Still ready for anothe try when the cause will have been identified, I love the product.
  16. Never happens without ESS, as I said above I already downgraded to EAV which is a PITA as I want to use ESS efficiency.
  17. quite sensible, but the culprit is somewhere in ESS because this never happened before and after, this leaves me with: what in ESS can by itself block a safe ethernet connection ?
  18. no such thing, thank you. btw I could be wrong assuming the fwall is the culprit as it's just a guess. The internet connection icon in the taskbar showed suddenly a red X without any info.
  19. Which default (automatic) setting could "decide" to lock such connection without any warning ? where can I find the culprit ? I had to downgrade from SS to AV to retrieve access to the internet.
  20. Users may encounter this threat through a variety of means. visit malicious or compromised websites. It can also arrive as a payload either dropped or downloaded by other malware. Some ransomware are known to be delivered as attachments from spammed email, downloaded from malicious pages through malvertisements, or dropped by exploit kits onto vulnerable systems.
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