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  1. Hello everyone. I created an AIO installer inside ESET Remote Admin Console, and i downloaded a MSI agent with a config file as well. However, we don't have a license to deploy the AIO through the console. I was wondering how can I do that, since I can deploy the Agent (MSI) through GPO, but the AIO Package I cant. Thanks in advance
  2. Hey Peter, I tried with the expression "has prefix = 10.105.10 , has prefix = 10.106.30 Not sure if it works. But ok, I'll see how can I do with my scenario.
  3. Hello Guys! I'm creating my dynamic groups inside ESET with the versions: ESET Remote Administrator (Server), versão 6.5 (6.5.522.0)ESET Remote Administrator (WebConsole), versão 6.5 (6.5.388.0) However, the network of some of my plants has a lot of different IP Ranges, just like - - - How can I create rules for this scenario? Will it works if I set "AND" operation for all of them? Thanks!
  4. Hello Marcos! I just removed the IPS and it worked! Thanks for the quick answers! It helped me a lot! Additionally, I will contact Fortinet to see if they fix this for us too. (thanks for this too)
  5. I just saw a IPS entry here, regarding this destination 91-228-167-25.ptr.eset.com It's dropping because it says that has a MS.PowerPoint.Malformed.Records.Code.Execution Attack. Don't know what do do in this case. The ERA server has unlimited access to the internet but it has IPS rules.
  6. Hello Everyone! I'm trying to create an AIO installer to deploy it through GPO. I did the creation of the package into ERA Web Console. however, when i try to download it (32 or 64bits) the popping screen stucks on 0%. My repository settings is setted to "AUTOSELECT" and no HTTP Proxy used. My firewall says that there's no blocking to ESET repository urls. Do you have any tip ? Thanks!
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