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  1. no it doesn't generates network traffic while playing games it use to login id and password and server give you random GarenaToken for play game (you can't see GarenaToken) when you are in game you can close that program i have to observe again and i will tell you later
  2. i send my eset log collector file to you . Please check your pm inbox
  3. I used ESET with MBAM V3 Premium for the long time I think it's happen after update ESET in 2018 december , When i play game blade and soul in full screen mode and press alt+tab to switch to some program For example Garena and now ekrn.exe suddenly high cpu usage 25% . If i close my game and do the same as i tell you now cpu usage is 50% (25% per cycle) . My friends has the same problem but they play stream game so if i want to fix this problem i have to restart my computer every time that high cpu usage and i found that if i disabled internet protection in setup and protocal filtering the problem is resolved Product name: ESET Internet Security Product version: Operating system: Windows 7 Ultimate(64-bit) Machine: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz
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