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  1. Hi, I'm noticing a very odd behavior where the ESET AV client is actively running during a Migration Assistant transfer. I didn't notice any obvious issues with the data transfer, but the fact that it's running and presenting message boxes is concerning. Menu icon is present in the top right corner, and ESET is listed as the running application in the menu bar. This is the second instance I've seen. Late 2018 Macbook Pro OS X 10.14.5 ESET v6.7.876.0
  2. @stevemaser have a look at the solution from this page: https://soundmacguy.wordpress.com/2018/12/04/hello-eset-endpoint-antivirus-deployment-management-and-migrating-from-scep/ I'm in the same situation as you are. It would be great if this were simpler. I hate running scripts that monitor for new users to inject stuff like this. But this is the best solution I've found at the moment, and it's working well for me to configure it for existing and new users. Outside of an issue with Mojave's PPC asking for full disk access with the v6.7.500, but that's a separate issue. I'm more than a little surprised though, that the default config would be to have a dock icon for the client that could be easily closed by a simple click.
  3. Hello @TomasP/@Peter Randziak. I'm also running into the issue of full disk access for EEA 6.7.500. Could I request a "Fixed" version of the app as well? It would be much appreciated.
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