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  1. I'm the user reporting. We don't have the problem on all RHEL7.[78] systems. They're all standard. Cloned Hyper-V server fails while the original works. We use standard RHEL repos.
  2. Anybody running efs-7.1.558 on RHEL7.7/8 recognizes and maybe solved: # /opt/eset/efs/bin/upd -u ESET File Security Error: Cannot connect to /var/run/eset/efs/confd.sock: No such file or directory
  3. What's the difference, from anti-virus/malware/... viewpoint, between a file server, with multiple clients accessing files via NFS/SMB/... and a workstation with a single user accessing local files and network resources? Is there a difference in attack vectors? In prevention, detection, ... I think every write should be processed. After virus updates, the reads should be monitored?
  4. At the moment we are running version 7.0.1152.0-1. Is this an update? I would like to try it.
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