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    Just for your information if you use ERA for the first time: - Often are "problems" only deprecated database signatures on the single clients / but important to solve! - A Client with enabled Presentation Mode will be flagged as critical threat / can't be restricted in the set of rules Even "good to know": The knowledgebase have a great dataset with tutorials, problem-solves etc. * And in fact you dont find anything in the KB a short call to your Reseller or ESET himselfs will solve 90% all of the problems.
  2. I am verry unhappy to use a workaround for my passwords. It was really easy until ESET didn't reacted with an update for this issue. Please bring back the browser extension or i have to change my subscription after the period to the standard version of ESET. Imo a working, secure Password Manager is a "Must-Have" and after working with it and feeding it with my data, a not more supported PM countering with lowering my trust to ESET. Even some of our customers are not happy to workaround this issue. Please provide a patch for Firefox 64.0, Universal Architecture The most annoying part is, that ESET (as René already said) dont react or communicate with their customers wich is a low-trust factor for me. Best wishes Dennis Heinrich