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  1. No that's the problem, I borrow the neighbour's wifi and she wants this smiley face in the name of her network, it prevents her children from connecting the PS4 to the network. And as it's free, I'm not complaining.
  2. Yes i know for PS4, thx for bypass this error. I wait fix :).
  3. Sorry for the double post, but I have tried to restore the default settings to delete all networks. After rebooting my PC, the memory is fine but the networks are incrementing at a crazy speed.
  4. Thank you for your response. Is it possible to manually delete this number of detected networks? Edit; Hum ok I see all the networks. The name of the Wifi network has a smiley face, is that what could cause the bug? The first time I encountered this bug I was also on a wifi network with a smiley face. I can't change the name of the network where I connect to, this prevents the PS4 from connecting to the WIFI.
  5. Yes i have this version. A send u a pm. Thanks.
  6. Hello, I have been using your product for almost 10 years now and have always been satisfied. However, for the past few months I have been having memory problems with ekrnl, about 6 of them. It quickly goes up in memory and it can reach up to 9go of consumption. I formatted my computer the first time, thinking that the problem was my own, but it's happening again today. I have noticed that every time I observe this behaviour I get a popup telling me that my system is not protected but after clicking on the antivirus everything is green. I make a complete du
  7. Thanks for your reply, but on your link i show Chromium is supported and Brave is based on chromium. And I read : Can we hope to see the support of this browser?
  8. Hi, I don't understand when I install the plugin for the password manager on the Brave browser it doesn't work. Does anyone have a solution? Thank you
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