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  1. Surely ESET would consider getting this update out as quickly as possible since it would have broken just about every Mac it was installed on. I for one am unable to use all the features of my mouse (it only works because I had to uninstall the drivers), Dropbox has been limited and 1Password integration in my browsers is also broken. I am trying to last as long as I can but there comes a point where I will get sick of waiting for ESET to support their users and uninstall the product and never install it again. Not a happy customer at the moment. EDIT: I have just been told by my wife that for the past few weeks (probably around the time of the last EST update) 1Password has also stopped working on her Windows laptop. So, it appears that ESET is actively blocking any productivity tools. I have had enough. Uninstalling now!
  2. When? Are we talking this week or several weeks? Already my mouse is not working, Dropbox is not reliable and just discovered that 1Password is also being blocked. If not being fixed for a week or more I will have to uninstall.
  3. I am regularly getting prompted that some application or daemon requires permission to access accessibility features however when I select to open System Preferences to authorise the app or daemon the list of apps requiring permission is empty. I have identified that ESET is the cause of the problem as it is preventing access to the security settings (folder /Library/Application Support/com.apple.TCC is completely blocked out with nothing able to access any of the settings stored there). So far my Logitech MX Master mouse has stopped working because the Logitech Options Daemon is not listed to allow me to enable it and this afternoon I got prompted to allow Dropbox access but, again, the Dropbox app was not in the list. On top of that I am unable to manually add anything. If I select the '+' and browse to an application and select it, it is not added. When do you plan on fixing this bug? I need to use my mouse, Dropbox is essential and who knows what else has been disabled because fo this issue. I would rather to not have to uninstall ESET to get things working again. Fix it!
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