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  1. The GPS ON feature is definitly important to me (and others for sure). GPS is off most of the time, it's only on if I need Google Maps or something like that. ESET Mobile Security is active as a device administrator so it should be no problem to activate GPS if a "eset find" command is received!
  2. Hello, Have you tried to use the firewall in Learning Mode as well for a while? In that mode rules will be created automatically when needed. And after switch back to the mode you would like to use. Thanks, that did it! I ignored the learning mode for some time, don't know why. The mode add the right rules for HoNm however the rule doesn't look any "better" than these I created. But it works now, that's the goal!
  3. Hello there, I got a issue with the game Heroes Of Newerth (HoN) and the ESET firewall. I use the interactive mode but HoN is not detected by it so the login process of the game fails. I tried the following: 1. I deactived the ESET firewall to be sure it is the issue. It is, the login works after that. 2. I added the HoN.exe to the firewall rules and allowed all traffic. It didn't worked, login failed. 3. So I tried to add the HoN ports for chat, gaming etc. as extra allowed ports. It didn't work, login failed. 4. I switched to the automatic mode of the ESET Firewall. It worked, but no extra rules were created by it to help me. I also need to switch over everytime I want to play this game. Does somebody got the same issue and found a solution that works with the interactive mode of the ESET firewall?
  4. Hello, I got some problems with my Eset 7 Smart Security Firewall. The filter is set to "interactive" and I went fine since Eset 5. Now I got issues with some games, for example Dota 2, War Thunder, World Of Warplanes. These games are not able to connect to servers or other internet based content like my account or news inside the games. Normally Eset asks if a new program wants to have internet access, but not for these games. I got only 2 options to avoid this: 1st: I set the filter to "automatic" which I don't like, because I want to have full control of what's going out. 2nd: I create a new rule and allow the *.exe to communicate. That doesn't work for some games, because there are other *.exe files which need to have access. Is there any way to get the interactive filter work normally again? Thanks!
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