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  1. For one last chance I reinstalled Eset antivirus again just to see if I might be able to get a log or at least see what might be causing the BSOD's. Antivirus 7 is running perfectly now. I don't guess I will ever know what the problem was but at least it is working as it should now. Thanks for taking the time to try and help.
  2. I will try but after a BSOD I have to restore and remove Eset in safe mode or the comp won't boot up.
  3. I purchased eset a few days ago and after install it worked fine until it initiated a scan or I manually started a scan. as soon as a scan starts I get a BSOD and have to do a SYS. restore to remove eset. Anyone else have this problem? > Win 7 Ultimate 32< I cant get a log from the program as it will BSOD.
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