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  1. If you set HIPS filtering mode "interactive mode" then it's game over for current/future malwares, hence even the virus asking you a permission to run or not. that's the funny part all of it.
  2. Why to lie let's face it, users of Eset products mostly are advanced/experienced users, I myself is a networks engineer and Windows LAN admin, I have tried every security products since 1992 till now, I can not find what I am looking for in any of them, in those past days, lets say 1998 I was crazy about "outpost firewall", it was wow in the past but not now, about Eset, I started with nod32 v2.7 or 2.something, now we are in 2014 and we got V8, that's a huge upgrade scale, any way, the products are great but I'm not fully satisfied with it, for some reasons, like, 1. I care so much about networking, so the Personal Firewall which I hate the attached "Personal" with it lacks for some nice polish, e.g. the ability to copy/paste IP addresses/host names, rule-sets, click-able IP/host to send you to whois, sometimes I want my firewall to even block Eset itself to connect to anywhere without my permission, the connection view is not that advanced, we still need some other tools instead, also we need you to add to the tray menu, "Tools" this Tool will open a sub-menu with all those tools accessed by the main GUI. 2. Update, we need more control about when to consider time to update, the issue now with Eset SS that if you missed some days with no internet it turns RED like hell and it feels you that the world just collapsed! about "Rescan quarantined files after every update" it's a bad idea to activate this by default, it takes cpu cycles and disk activity for no any real benefit for the end user, mostly who cares about those quarantined files, they were not good in the first place. 3. Alerts, I hate the effects/animations from the bottom of my heart, plus this "Close message boxes automatically after (sec), the min is 10 sec only, for me I want it for 2~3 sec only. That's all for now, ~pEaCe
  3. I am getting crazy, what is this about ? what is that tracking and opencandy thing
  4. Why I can't delete or disable these things ? I want to have the full control over every single process.
  5. ok if i opt to uninstall and reinstall. can i keep the updated signature ? I don't want to waste some megabytes downloading a new signature db
  6. I see, by the way, how can I reset my Eset to the default values as it was first installed ?
  7. Do you know that shodan.io for haxers somone trying to access the computer ? right ?
  8. Okay, but why there is no application path? it says " a remote computer is attempting to communicate with an application on this computer" Where is that local application ?
  9. No OrangeWebsite I have no idea about it. the strange thing its an inbound traffic to nowhere.
  10. I am getting this from time to time, I dont know what is about plus I dont know what program is going to recieve the incoming connection.
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