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  1. Here the last update was made at 4 hours ago, the version of the engine that is installed here is 18755.. While in Virusradar the latest version is 18756. When I turned on the computer ESET checked the updates but found no new version of the database and continued in version 18755. It looks like a bug from version 12 because before it used v11 and Automatic Updates always occurred.
  2. Do these Streamed updates work from which version? Here I am using EIS v11, it already has streamed updates?
  3. I am very satisfied with ESET today. But I think they could add a sandbox so the user could execute suspicious files without the possibility of infecting the computer. Another thing is please do not do anything that would compromise the system's disengagement as other famous brands did. I really like ESET because of its good detection and low impact on the system.
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