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  1. the action center said the anti virus was "disabled" but didn't give me any way to enable, the eset has all its folders, etc, and the icon would appear on the bottom but when I went to point the curser at it, it would disappear. went online and they say my eset is active and current. kept playing around with stuff until late last night and finally did something and the eset home page appeared (still don't know exactly what I did) so I "pinned" it to the toolbar, everything is fine now, but thanks for your info (I had already tried some of it), Looks like I am good for now, thanks.
  2. just got a new computer, windows 7 and transferred my eset nod32 just fine, until today when the icon normally at the bottom on the toolbar disappeared! ( I must have done something) I can't access the home page, the computer says it's not activated but when I went online here it says I have an activated product. called the 1-800 # but haven't heard back. any suggestions?
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