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  1. Hi Marcos, did you speak with the devs regarding this? Thank you.
  2. Okay, I'll keep a look out for a reply in the new year.:) Thank you.
  3. Marcos, can you possibly assist me with this please? Thank you.
  4. Hi TomFace, thank you for the reply. Somewhat curiously I already have the Regularly check for latest product version button unchecked, but I still see this upgrade message from time to time.
  5. Thank you replying Marcos, yes this particular system is running XP, I fully appreciate the risks associated with not upgrading but for the applications it runs and the light use it gets I don't want to perform an upgrade for this particular machine as it serves it purpose well as it is. Can you tell how to go about disabling the upgrade message please?
  6. I appreciate V8.x has reached end of life, but I still have a need to continue using it on an old legacy PC. I'd was hoping to reply in this thread in the thread below to receive an aswer on how to do this but it has been closed and archived. https://forum.eset.com/topic/9227-how-to-i-disable-this-recent-upgrade-to-new-version-window-that-is-appearing/ Can somebody please send me a private message how to achieve this please? I'm guessing it must be a entry in the registry that needs to be either edited or added. Thanks in advance, Robert.
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