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  1. MY Eset Password Manager has started substituting my Account 'Nicknames' that I created in the previous version for the 'User Login' names in my dropdown making me have to edit every account sign in again.
  2. It does, but everytime I try to use it, it wants to suggest a change to the password from '&' to '&amp'. So I have to ignore the change password suggestion.
  3. Whenever I try to enter a special character, such as '&' as my password, ESET always tries to change it to '&amp". I believe this is also true for some other special characters. How do I stop this? Every time I use the password, it suggests a change. I also noticed that even though I use an ESET suggested password with special characters, it will try to change it the next time it is used. I am using ESET Smart Security Premium for home and Wndows 10. thank you,
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