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  1. It could have been the attachment, in my attempts. I did try twice.
  2. Hi, I've tried to create a support request via https://www.eset.com/uk/customer-care-wizard/ but get the error: "An error occurred during a connection to int.form.eset.com. PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR" after submitting the form. I'm a UK Eset reseller and with one of my client's systems ekrn.exe is suffering from a memory leak which eventually interferes with other programs. Most recently it grew to 6GB private memory, 1GB peak working set. Log collector, advanced diagnostics logs and Sysinspector report available via PM to staff.
  3. I have this same problem with Cryptographic protocol support module 1036 when trying to connect to IMAPS on both Ionos (formerly 1and1) and Hotmail, using Thunderbird. When logging with Thunderbird, nothing was saved to the log file at all with the Eset IMAPs module enabled. When disabled emails were collected fine on all accounts and the log file contained the expected entries.
  4. I've found that if the ADMINCFG path has spaces (even if quoted) it fails - without the spaces I have a successful install with the following CLI parameters: --accepteula --language 1034 --msi-property ADMINCFG="%windir%\Temp\Eset-config.xml"
  5. Just to add a voice, this is the precise reason I have to hack out the MSIs. If I had to configure Eset to my home clients manually each time I'd have to charge them more or go elsewhere :-(
  6. The config file I use along with the MSI installers configures: Enable PUA Enable PUP Advanced Heuristics/DNA/Smart signatures Preserves last access timestamp across all scanning settings/profiles Enables Idle state scanning Added additional exclusions to Eset Livegrid (OpenOffice files amongst others) ...and various other options. Being able to set all of this via a config file is part of the reason I choose to resell Eset. The fewer buttons I have to click the better, particularly because I'm only human, and can miss something :-)
  7. Marcos - could you advise how Eset resellers are advised to roll out v9 for the Home version? I use similar configuration for Endpoint that I do for Home Antivirus so would like to continue this.
  8. Cheers for taking a look. I had been subscribed to the following three feeds: hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=rss&channel=ALERTS hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=rss&channel=SOLUTION hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=rss&channel=NEWS
  9. The Eset RSS feeds I subscribe to, at kb.eset.com, for knowledgebase alerts, solutions and news haven't been updated since around August. All of the RSS links I can find at the Eset UK and International sites are either not RSS feeds or are mostly empty. Will they be coming back?
  10. Also: the link from the app's "How can I protect?" button leads to a 404 here
  11. Thanks. I had this problem yesterday, but a friend could download it fine. I thought I was seeing things!
  12. Hi, When I select any of the four drop-down menu options on the Endpoint download page hxxp://www.eset.com/int/download/business/detail/family/150/ , the download button stays grey and doesn't work. Tried on Firefox 39, IE11 on Win7, Firefox 39 and IE9 on XP (a clean virtual machine, no anti-virus), and Firefox and HTC Internet on Android. Done the usual of clearing caches/history on all browsers etc. Firefox web console has the error: 11:51:58.863 Empty string passed to getElementById().1 head-42a415f7209db7a237490d4bce33f87f.merged.js:3:0
  13. Jim, I'm diagnosing an incompatibility between the most recent Program Components Upgrade with Eset and Privoxy, a web filtering proxy. The fault was so subtle I only realised it when my desktop updated the PCU today, and started getting the same symptoms - data being truncated at the same point +- a few bytes. Disabling the HTTP protocol checking also works-around this problem. I'm still collecting data to report it to Eset. Do you know if your fault also showed up with the most current PCU? It may be helpful for Eset to look at both problems at the same time.
  14. Keep in mind that the time you've put into this conversation now exceeds any time you would have saved if the files were defragmented without any intervention :-)
  15. You'd be surprised how many remote code execution vulnerabilities have been reported to be able to compromise operating systems and software. More than I care to remember!
  16. I first came across this when the KB article was published. My initial reaction is that the behaviour and design of the alerts certainly looks like it is a classic "computer security" scam, the exact sort of thing I try to educate my customers to avoid. IMO if Facebook want to reduce click fraud by its users, it should start holding them according to its ToS, and suspending or terminating their accounts. Once enough users get their accounts restricted, maybe the message will get through that people need to take responsibility for their computer security. OTOH, anti-virus solutions - even excellent ones like Eset - are not perfect. A lot of Facebook users are not computer experts, nor are they expected to be. It's a difficult problem to address. Maybe anti-virus solutions need to be able to provide a cryptographically-generated token, which is stamped with the product, database version, scan targets and results, and supply it to a requesting web site. If the token suggests a) the anti-virus system is working and current and b) the device is clean, then the web site permits the user to login (or removes a previous suspension). This way, web sites suffering from abuse by their users can have another method of helping to reduce this problem and the user can be made more aware of a problem which may affect them.
  17. If Eset is performing authenticode signature checking on the executables, then the fact the window states "Microsoft Windows" as the vendor means that the program is not malware. If the link text doesn't give details about a signature, opening the program's Properties window and navigating to the "Digital Signatures" tab will tell you. None of this explains the lack of the Deny button, but at least it'll put you at ease. Microsoft do publish lists of changed files in each of their security updates, but trawling through this will be very time consuming.
  18. In the UK, I have to contact my sales representative to renew with fewer licenses. They're always quick to reply and happy to help so I suggest you try the same route.
  19. I've been installing EMET on all of my customer's computers since version 4. The only clashes I've had with it (in Recommended Settings) are Adobe Reader, when using particular security settings on it. Not had a single instance of it playing badly with Eset. Flash and Java used to have problems, but v5 seems to have fixed them. You'll find when something doesn't like EMET (which usually means it's badly-written software) it will crash the program. You can then adjust the EMET settings for the program and it starts working again, so it's usually easy to spot. I highly recommend EMET to everyone!
  20. dwomack: PM sent I did do some searching before posting this and didn't find anything, but after a second try it does seem like the spam has been around for a year or so.
  21. I had an unusual spam today from someone offering "opt-in verified contact information" from a list of anti-virus vendors including Eset. I know that Eset keeps its users' details safe and would not sell them, but if someone at Eset would be interested in examining this spam to see if there's any truth to it, please let me know.
  22. This was all news to me, but SourceForge have been doing it for a year. I'm completely amazed this went under my radar!
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