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  1. Thanks. I already tried. But with this release, it is not possible to import parameters, while it is possible to export parameters with Google Play release. Is there a solution ?
  2. Greetings, Ok. Is it possible to get my old configuration ? I would like to use an other software for the filter, but i need to keep my numbers. Thanks
  3. Hi, Is someone can tell me how to recover my old list of numbers in the "SMS/call filter" menu ? I have tried many things without success. I have spent time to build this list. Many thanks. Regards
  4. Hi I have the same problem with association (20512000 error) How I can solve it ? Thanks
  5. Thanks. But when I download and install the new apk file, it works , but I don't find how to import my parameters. In fact I would like to keep my old parameters Regards
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