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  1. As I mentioned above, ESET Cyber Security Pro 6.7.555.0 (under macOS 10.14.5 beta 2) was always asking me to allow its system extensions access (which was impossible to do, because they had already been granted access and thus there was now no option to allow them in the "Security & Privacy/General" pane). The only workaround had been to turn off System Integrity Protection.

    I first tried the steps suggested in ESET's Knowledge Base article 6570, but they didn't resolve the issue.

    I found that by uninstalling and reinstalling Cyber Security Pro, it no longer repeatedly requests access, and it runs without requiring SIP to be turned off. This is the case whether using the "Regular update" or "Pre-release update" option.

    macOS 10.14.5b2 also caused the same issue with another application that I use that utilizes its own system extension; uninstalling and reinstalling that also resolved the issue with that application. So, any users under 10.14.5b2 experiencing a similar problem with ESET or another application may want to try uninstalling and reinstalling to see if that resolves their issue.

    -- David

  2. I'm wondering whether Apple's new notarization was implemented starting in 10.14.5 Beta 2. Since installing that version of macOS, ESET Cyber Security Pro 6.7.555.0 has been displaying the message that, "System extensions needed by ESET Cyber Security Pro were blocked by macOS" and that I need to allow apps from ESET in System Preferences. However, when I go to System Preferences/Security & Privacy/General, it doesn't display a message asking to allow apps from ESET.

    I didn't have this issue with the same version of ESET Cyber Security Pro under 10.14.5 Beta 1.

    Additionally, the Console notes the following each time the ESET warning appears: "esets[273]: error[01110000]: ESET Daemon: Command kextload failed. 'com.eset.kext.esets-pfw' error:0x00". Note that the numbers in brackets vary.

    Disabling System Integrity Protection allows ESET Cyber Security Pro to run without a problem under 10.14.5 Beta 2; however, disabling SIP isn't a good idea in terms of system security.

    If notarization is the cause of the issue, then access to the internal ESET build that Peter Randziak mentions would be helpful.

    -- David

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