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  1. No, nothing makes a difference in pausing it or in turning any aspect of it off. Once the CPU usage is high it stays there until the computer is restarted no matter what I turn off. It got stuck at 95% three times (once while using a 3d program for my work), so it's not just the game, sigh. It seems that If some other program makes it spike up, it stays there also. I uninstalled for a few days because I needed people to be able to use my computer during the Christmas holiday. I'm going to try reinstalling, and see if a fresh install makes any difference.
  2. I've just installed eset again after using a different antivirus for a few years. I remembered it as being very unobtrusive, but I'm having some issues with the CPU usage of the ekrn.exe. For some reason the ekrn.exe will sometimes use a high amount of CPU (from 25%-55%). I haven't determined exactly what will cause the spikes, but it seems to do it most often when I play any sort of MMO game. Once the CPU goes high, it will only go higher, and will never come back down -- not even if I pause all antivirus activity for 10 minutes/next reboot. The only thing the sets it back is actually restarting the computer. But once it goes high for something again, it takes another reboot to send it back to normal. I've tried running it on game mode, and it helped a little, but still if it gets to 25%, then it's going to stay there whether or not the game is running, the antivirus is running, or what I do with the computer. I'm running Windows 7 64 bit, and have it on an SSD drive. However, most the games are installed on a different drive (regular hard drive, not SSD). Thanks for any help solving this.
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